Sophie Rose and the Manual Breathing

Sophie Rose and the Manual Breathing is comprised of a flexible solo, duo, or trio arrangement to suit the venue and artistic goal. The regular members are Sophie Rose and Cloud Unknowing. Melbourne-based Kiwi musician and maker, Sophie Rose, writes in a range of styles because 'life's too short for integrity of genre'.

As a solo artist, Sophie plays acoustic sets regularly around Melbourne and has recorded her debut E.P. "The Lies We Tell Ourselves". Her influences include references to Jeff Buckley, Regina Spektor, and A Perfect Circle. Sophie plays guitar, piano/keys, accordion, violin, flute, cello, koauau, mandolin, ukulele, bass, and sings with a powerful voice. She has a voice that can nail you to the back wall with its power and smoothly decrescendo to a lullaby-like purity. Sophie's previous projects include a nine-piece New Orleans Blues band that was invited to play at the International Jazz festival in Queenstown, NZ; session harmony vocals; music teaching and lecturing; and live performances across the globe.

Cloud Unknowing, musician, maker, and sound engineer, plays drums and bass, and helps Sophie get into trouble with technology. Cloud has worked with a variety of bands and genres, such as Applejack (folk rock), Gateless (folk), and Earthwire (psych-prog). He also works in multi-media artwork installations, instrument, electronics, and valve amplifier building, and film sound.